SELTOO believes that with an increasingly globalizing, integrating world, 95% of the value of profile data in recruitment channels resides in the top 10% of the workforce. SELTOO’s Qual, Qualifind and Qualifik recruitment sites focus on this high-value upper segment of the workforce, essential to the competitiveness and survival of innovative companies and all global brands.

SELTOO’s elite venues provide high value professionals with secure, discrete access to career opportunities and can provide recruiters the value proposition of a select pool of the most highly qualified profiles in the professional area in which they are seeking, profiles which are most probably nowhere else to be found.


SELTOO’s Qual, Qualifind and Qualifik venues provides a rarefied selection of the top professionals, a highly valuable proposition for companies and organizations competing in increasingly stratified and difficult global labor markets.

The Company’s formula is already up and running in the markets of Switzerland, France, and the United Kingdom. In 2017, SELTOO will launch sites for Germany, North America, and Asia.

Our platforms’ greatest advantage is our brand concept: we offer unabashedly elite forum, uninterested in 90% of the labor market. Our stock and trade are the top profiles: experts, specialists and managers who are recession-proof. The key difference between our flagship sites and those of all other online recruitment venues is that we cater to the most lucrative market of highly sought-after profiles who are considering changing jobs. Mostly, these profiles are not present on other sites or platforms.

Qual, Qualifind and Qualifik offers selective access to the top segment of passive candidates (candidates who might be interested in moving for an interesting opportunity).